Who controls Huawei? Another look

A new paper by Tim Rühlig provides the most detailed analysis of the governance structure of Huawei that has been published so far.

Tim Rühlig, a research fellow at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs, has just published an excellent paper that examines Huawei’s governance structure. This paper is informed by his interviews with Huawei personnel, but that does not at all mean that he swallowed whatever they said uncritically. It’s definitely an advance on a paper that Christopher Balding and I co-authored last spring (I am speaking only for myself here, not for Chris, whose views I haven’t canvassed). As the title suggests, the real issue should be who controls Huawei and how, and here Rühlig supplies details that I don’t think have been generally known before.

Rühlig, T. (2020) Who Controls Huawei? Implications for Europe. UI Paper no. 5, May 2020 [permalink in case of link rot: https://perma.cc/27GJ-PSAP]