“We’ve gotta stop these boys from goin’ to the public!”

That’s a line from a South Park episode in which the good Father Maxi discovers what the other priests think the real problem is with the Church’s child-molesting scandal. I thought of it when I ran across a document from the State Council’s Office of Food Safety [Chinese | English] which proposes to attack China’s very serious food safety issues by shooting the messenger. It’s all about control of information–i.e., repression of bad information that would upset the public. Meanwhile, the top leadership eats food grown at heavily-guarded special farms.

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  1. Yes, a Chinese Ministry of Health worker told me that about that around 1996 when HIV was become a more obvious problem, PM Li Peng’s sidekick, Family Planning Chief Peng Peiyun told China HIV/AIDS Committee head Zeng Yi when he warned Peng that HIV was a become an ever more serious problem, she responded “China’s problem isn’t AIDS, it is all those lies that you scientists make up!” Just like those global warming lying scientists in the West I guess.

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