Moral Administration and Disciplines – From empires to the party-states | Clubhouse Talk | May 20, 2021

Date: May 20

Time: Berlin 16:00 London 14:00 New York 10:00

Language: 中文 and English

Open room


  • Why were Confucian texts a key ingredient in political communication in China’s imperial courts?
  • Why is historiography a necessary conduit for power struggles among political elites of the 17th century as well as of the 20th?
  • Is it possible to make meaningful comparisons of China’s disciplinary regimes at different times of history?


Patricia THORNTON (University of Oxford)

Ying ZHANG (The Ohio State University)

Ling LI (University of Vienna)


Sida LIU ((University of Toronto)


Juan WANG (McGill University)

Grace MOU (University of London)

Literature under discussion:

Disciplining the State: Virtue, Violence and State-making in Modern China (Harvard University Press, 2007), by Patricia THORNTON

Confucian Image Politics: Masculine Morality in Seventeenth-Century China (University of Washington Press, 2016), by Ying ZHANG

The ‘Organisational Weapon’ of the Chinese Communist Party – China’s disciplinary regime from Mao to Xi Jinping in Law and the Party in China (Cambridge University Press, 2021), by Ling LI

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