Remarkable results of Hong Kong poll

Mingpao and the Chinese University of Hong Kong’s School of Journalism have released the results of their latest opinion poll, conducted between Sept. 5 and Sept. 11 on a random sample of 623 people). Among its findings are the following:

  • 75.7% of the respondents think the government has not done enough to defuse the crisis by withdrawing the extradition bill
  • 71.7% of the respondents think police have used excessive force
  • 39.4% of the respondents think the protesters have used excessive force
  • 48.3% of the respondents give the police a trust score of 0 (compared with only 6.5% giving a 0 score last May)
  • As for who is responsible for the escalation of violence (multiple answers permitted):
    • 50.5% said HK government
    • 18.5% said HK police
    • 17.8% said central government
    • 12.7% said the protesters
  • 55.7% agree and 26.9% disagree with the statement that “when peaceful protest cannot make the government respond, protesters’ radical action is understandable”

The drop in trust in the police since May is really stunning and shows the degree to which Hong Kong citizens are alienated from the government.

Here are links to two Mingpao reports:

H/T: Ho-Fung Hung.