Chinese administrative law symposium volume

I just received the announcement below from Neysun Mahboubi. I haven’t read the articles yet, but judging solely from the contributors and the editors, I’m betting this will be an excellent resource.

I am delighted to announce that the Penn Asian Law Review has just published the first installment (out of two) of a special issue on Chinese administrative law, co-edited by Jacques deLisle and myself, that features new scholarship specially produced for this issue by some of the very best Chinese scholars of administrative and constitutional law.

Here is the link:

The first installment of articles that is published today, at the above link, features the articles of Professors Zhou Hanhua (of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences), Wang Xixin (of Peking University, Shen Kui (also of Peking University and currently visiting at Penn Law School), Yang Weidong (of the Chinese Academy of Governance), and He Haibo (of Tsinghua University).  The second installment, to be published in the Fall, will add articles by Professors Wang Jing (of the Chinese Academy of Governance), Lin Yan (of Shanghai Jiaotong University), Song Hualin (of Nankai University), and Zheng Chunyan (of Zhejiang University), as well as an overview essay by Jacques and myself.

Altogether, we believe this collection of articles presents the most comprehensive discussion, to date, of Chinese administrative law by Chinese scholars writing in English.  We hope it might serve as a useful bridge between the Chinese and Anglophone administrative law communities.

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