“I can say it, but you can’t say it.”

“Party, government, military, civilian, and academic, east, west, south, north, and center, the party leads everything” – Chinese Communist Party, 2017

“China is a Leninist state led by a vanguard party that insists on absolute control over every aspect of state and society.” — Bilahari Kausikan, South China Morning Post, Feb. 21, 2020

“This article . . . misinterpret[s] and smear[s] China’s political system and the leadership system under the Communist Party of China[.]” – Chinese Embassy, Singapore, Feb. 25, 2020

1 thought on ““I can say it, but you can’t say it.””

  1. but, the real trick is that, the Chinese Communist Party is not only leading and controlling everything in China, but also extending its control beyond China. If you translate the words of the leader of WHO into Chinese, and don’t tell people that the words are from a foreigner who right not leads the WHO, Chinese people may well believe this is a local party leader in China. That is, the guy leading WHO talks and acts just like a carder of a local party committee in China. Some Chinese netizens even refer that guy as 谭书记(secretary Tan), which implies that the Chinese Communist Party controls the WHO and sets up the Party Branch in WHO, making the heads of WHO as the Secretary of the Branch Committee of Chinese Communist Party in WHO.

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