Announcing The China Collection

The China Collection is a group blog focusing mainly on modern China — more specifically, law, politics, economics, and finance in the mainland People’s Republic of China. But members may from time to time write about other subjects (such as history) and other places (such as Hong Kong or Taiwan).

The initial membership is quite law-heavy; that’s just because that’s my field. We will broaden the membership to include more people in other fields.

Here’s a list of the members with their fields of specialization in parentheses. Members’ full affiliations and websites are provided on the “About Us” page.

  • Donald Clarke (law)
  • Nicholas Howson (law)
  • Carl Minzner (law)
  • Barry Naughton (economics)

For readers who know of my “Chinese Law Prof Blog“, this is a replacement for it. From now on, I’ll be doing my blogging at this site.

We hope to provide a reasonably steady stream of useful and informative comments on Chinese current affairs. In addition to just visiting the this website from time to time, interested readers can subscribe via email (right-hand side of the home page) or through a blog reader such as Feedly (there’s a link to the RSS feed at the bottom right of the home page). You can also follow us on Twitter; our handle is @TheChinaCollect.

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